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my newest addition-midcentury florals. i never imagined to ever attempt anything like this, as I am more interested in people than things. But I love beautiful things and few things are more beatiful than those created by Nature.  These, like everything else, originated in my head, there were no arrangements set up in pretty vases and no living flowers were hurt for these paintings! Surprisingly for me, creating these is an enjoyable process, trying new techniques and developing style, and they have been attracting a lot of interest. As with every painting, each is unique and will never be repeated.

abstract still life midcentury style floral painting

"Fanciful Florals"-January 2023, stretched canvas, unframed 30x40cm £350

abstract midcentury art deco sunburst painting

"Just The Two Of Us"-2023, app 50x40cm Ok, admittedly, not strictly florals, but trees are green too £450

abstract floral still life tulips

2022. Part of a diptych (3rd image is the other part), oil/stretched canvas, so far unframed, 40x50cm palette knife £495

mid century abstract floral still life

2022, SOLD

midcentury abstract flowers in vase

2022, part of a diptich (first image on left), oil/stretched canvas, yet unframed, 40x50cm £495

abstract mid century daffodils painting

"Daffodills" oil/stretched canvas, 20x30cm £220

mid century minimalist abstract floral still life tulips

"Tulips", 2022, oil/stretched canvas SOLD, now lives in historic Chillingham Castle

midcentury minimalist abstract floral painting

"A Mystery Flower In Yellow Pot", 2022 SOLD, also lines in the haunted Chillingham castle

abstract midcentury still life tulips in vase on kidney shaped table

"Tulips On Kidney Shaped table", 2022 £220

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