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here is only a small selection of sold works, if you like something here, i can paint a similar one along the lines of the subject, customised to your specific ideas and requirements to make it a truly personal and as individual as you are. i never will paint a copy of anything, even of my own work, so each painting is truly unique and can never be repeated.

Someone has to set a bad example
art deco flappers charleston dance painting


Mid century painting lady with martini

"Someone Has To Set A Bad Example"

mid century long neck cat painting

"between You, Me, And A Palm Tree"

abstract music instruments art deco painting


abstract midcentury long neck cats painting

"Plenty Of Fish"

abstract art deco painting of a lady

"Nothing To Do And All Day To Do It"

artdeco style artwork lady and car


humorous painting of a man with dog

"A Man With A Disobedient Schnauzer"

humorous painting of a cyclist

"King Of The Road"

humorous painting of a fisherman with fish

"It's Not The Size That Matters"

nude painting

"I Had The Radio On"

lady with martini painting

"I Feel A Sin Coming Soon"

quirky humorous original painting

"Hard to catch"

If I Can Dream..oil painting

"If I Can Dream" 2015

vintage art deco poster style art

"And Not A Shade Of Gray Today"! 2015

quirky humorous seaside painting

"Keeping up appearances" circa 2010

quirky hyper-realism painting

How can I be expected to do the housework if I had been shopping all day?? ..2014

quirky cat painting

"Leonardo Da Cat"

Manflu-quirky humorous painting

"Manflu" 2010

gambling pocker illustration tattoo image lady with cards

"Luck Be A Lady"-2014,available as signed limited edition (50) giclee prints £75

oxford art fair 2016 exhibit

as featured at the Oxford International Art Fair Feb 2016, "Jill Needs Jack", now available as signed limited edition (100) giclee prints, £75

oxford art fair 2016 exhibit

as featured at the Oxford International Art Fair Feb 2016, "Window Shopping" painting,2013, 2 prints had been made, last one available-mounted and framed 55x45cm app, £50

quirky humorous dog pet painting

Last dog standing, 2013

Deputy dawg" quirky painting of pets

"Deputy Dawg" circa 2011

I who holds all the Aces painting


humorous painting of a couple

"Those Who Are Late Are A Lot Jollier Than Those Who Have To Wait"..2013

and not a kitchen sink in sight

"And Not A Kitchen Sink In Sight", 2013

man does not live by bread alone

"Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone", 2014

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