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here is only a small selection of sold works, if you like something here, i can paint a similar one along the lines of the subject, customised to your specific ideas and requirements to make it a truly personal and as individual as you are. i never will paint a copy of anything, even of my own work, so each painting is truly unique and can never be repeated.

art deco flappers charleston dance painting


mid century modern vintage style painting

"A Little Less Conversation"

Saxman painting

"Summertime Blues"

artdeco face painting

"Not Another Face In The crowd"

art deco lady painting
Mid century painting lady with martini

"Someone Has To Set A Bad Example"

mid century long neck cat painting

"between You, Me, And A Palm Tree"

abstract music instruments art deco painting


abstract midcentury long neck cats painting

"Plenty Of Fish"

humorous midcentury style couple painting

"If I Can Dream"

mid century 50s style romantic couple painting

"Let's Boogie"

abstract midcentury painting of a saxman and piano

"Saxman, Play me The Blues"

abstract art deco painting of a lady

"Nothing To Do And All Day To Do It"

artdeco style artwork lady and car


humorous painting of a man with dog

"A Man With A Disobedient Schnauzer"

humorous painting of a cyclist

"King Of The Road"

humorous painting of a fisherman with fish

"It's Not The Size That Matters"

nude painting

"I Had The Radio On"

lady with martini painting

"I Feel A Sin Coming Soon"

quirky humorous original painting

"Hard to catch"

If I Can Dream..oil painting

"If I Can Dream" 2015

vintage art deco poster style art

"And Not A Shade Of Gray Today"! 2015

quirky humorous seaside painting

"Keeping up appearances" circa 2010

quirky hyper-realism painting

How can I be expected to do the housework if I had been shopping all day?? ..2014

quirky cat painting

"Leonardo Da Cat"

Manflu-quirky humorous painting

"Manflu" 2010

gambling pocker illustration tattoo image lady with cards

"Luck Be A Lady"-2014,available as signed limited edition (50) giclee prints £75

oxford art fair 2016 exhibit

as featured at the Oxford International Art Fair Feb 2016, "Jill Needs Jack", now available as signed limited edition (100) giclee prints, £75

oxford art fair 2016 exhibit

as featured at the Oxford International Art Fair Feb 2016, "Window Shopping" painting,2013, 2 prints had been made, last one available-mounted and framed 55x45cm app, £50

quirky humorous dog pet painting

Last dog standing, 2013

Deputy dawg" quirky painting of pets

"Deputy Dawg" circa 2011

I who holds all the Aces painting


humorous painting of a couple

"Those Who Are Late Are A Lot Jollier Than Those Who Have To Wait"..2013

and not a kitchen sink in sight

"And Not A Kitchen Sink In Sight", 2013

man does not live by bread alone

"Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone", 2014

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