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Here is only a small selection of very early works, all sold now. These were my starting point. Each has something unique about it. I remember every one and usually at which show it was sold. My style has changed dramatically over the years, and even if i had to, i could not paint in similar style again, that special "something" has morphed into other styles and themes, it is only a natural progression. But I so dearly love these and hope they are loved just as much.

Quirky romance painting

If I were a salad, I would be splashing my dressing.. circa 2007

quirky musical painting

I'll prove the sceptics wrong, circa 2000

humorous oil painting commission

"IT's a man's thing" circa 2004

quirky figurative painting of women

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps..circa 2002

quirky figurative romance painting

"If I were a salad, I would be splashing my dressing.." circa 2000

wedding gift painting,proposal gift

"Lord of the rings" circa 2007

whimsical woman with cat painting

"If looks could kill" circa 2008

humorous wall art commission

"Yeah, but can you do the housework??" circa 2004

romantic painting,couple ice-scating

"Moonlight midnight" circa 1999

humorous music original oil painting

"Plucking and puffing" circa 2001

quirky humorous romantic painting

"Smooth Operator"-circa 2001

humorous painting man with dog

"Stood up" circa 2002

quirky figurative humorous painting

Temptation of an otherwise saintly man circa 2001

quirky figurative musical painting

circa 2001

3 women talking original painting

"I'm not the one to talk, but..." original oil on canvas ,circa2004,not for sale

figurative woman with dog painting

"The more I get to know men, the more I like my dog" circa 1999

seaside holiday, couple on the beach

"Dreaming of a white xmas" circa 2001

figurative face painting of a girl

circa 2003

humorous original oil painting

"Wrong place, wrong dress" circa 2003

quirky figurative art painting

"Sunday Male" circa 2002

quirky humorous figurative painting

"He who is always in a hurry"...circa 2001

biker man on motorbike original art

"The magnificent men and their flying machines" circa 2004

quirky humorous figurative painting

Panic merchant..circa 2006

woman putting stockings on humorous

"Almost ready"...circa 2002

lady with a drink original oil art

"After the washing up is done"...appeared on C4 Grand Designs, featured in Grand Designs Magazine, circa 2006

seaside couple,mum&dad painting gift

"Spending kids' inheritance" ...circa 2007

quirky humorous figurative painting

"Eat more fish" circa 2000

quirky painting of stiletto shoes

"High attitude"...sirca 2008

xmas romantic kiss under mistleto

"Under the mistletoe" ..circa 2003

quirky humorous figurative art

"Lady Philomena" 2004

humorous original art painting

"Wrong time, wrong place, wrong dress" circa 2008

quirky humorous figurative art

"Vital statistics" circa 2006

quirky art painting man with dog

"Big bad Boab" circa 2004

men at cards humorous original paint

I who holds all the Aces" circa 2004

quirky humorous figurative art image

"Man does not live by bread alone" circa 2008

funny face original painting

"Suspicious mind" circa 2008

quirky humorous figurative art image

"My toy"...circa 2005

men talking quirky original painting

"Men doing what they do best-solving the world's problems." circa 2003

quirky humorous figurative paintings

"Who done it"...circa 2005

quirky humorous figurative art image

"Every girl needs a few loyal subjects" ...circa 2004

funny painting by elena kourenkova

fragment,circa 2008

quirky humorous figurative art image

"Fish for compliments.." .circa 2004

humorous art for sale by artist

"What's up, pussycat?" circa 2003

art for sale by elena kourenkova

Fish for compliments (II)

gift of art -wedding present of art

"Be my better half" circa 2006

xmas card art image by elena kourenk

"Fingers crossed.." circa 2004, artwork created by special request by the Mcmillans cancer research organisation to be published as Christmas cards for their ongoing fund-raising program.

quirky humorous figurative art image

"Ugly bugs ball" 2004

wedding present gift idea of art

"To thee I wed" 2004

men at cards original humorous art

"I who holds all the aces" circa 2003

original art for sale by artist

"Men at work" circa 2003

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