artdeco style couple painting

"My toy"-original oil/canvas, 65x40cm, chunky black wooden frame, £990 Limited edition giclee prints available

artdeco lady painting

"Always wearing my invisible crown" original oil/canvas, 2019, 60x50cm, chunky black wooden frame, £990 Limited edition giclee prints available

cowboy with guitar country western style

"I'm casting my lasso towards the sky"-SOLD Limited edition giclee prints available

art deco lady image

"Paint a rose on a garden wall"-original oil/canvas, feb 2020, app 40x40cm, white chunky wooden frame, £490

gambler,casino,pocker player

"I'm neither an optimist not a pessimist, but a possibillist" Original oil/canvas, 2019, app50x50cm, grey chunky wooden frame £1190

casino playing card artwork

"Queen of Diamonds"-original oil/canvas, Jan 2020, 80x50cm, £900.

artdeco couple painting

"Doris meets Roger-a man of the opposite sex"-original oil/canvas, April 2019, 50x40cm, antique one-off artdeco frame, £790

art deco seaside lady in a hat

"Naughty?Nice? She felt she could easily swing either way"-original oil/canvas, Feb 2020, 50x40cm, £490 limited edition giclee prints available


"Right attitude to rain" original oil/canvas, 60x35cm, vintage bamboo frame, £450

modern figurative art painting,

"Seeing eye to eye" Original oil/canvas, 2019 £1190

conceptual image

"Here is looking at you, kid" original oil/canvas, Dec 2019, 35x25cm, chunky wooden frame, £375

art deco couple with rolls royce car

"Never too rich or too thin" original oil/canvas, May 2019, app 70x50cm £1195

Art Deco style lady

"But Lady..I LIKE being a frog!" original oil/canvas, Feb 2020, 50x50cm, cream wooden frame, £590

humorous painting, elderly Couple

"We've been through a lot together, and most of it is your fault" Original oil/canvas, 2019. £1290. Limited edition giclee prints available

cartoon quirky painting of cyclist

"King of the road" SOLD

original mermaid painting

"Washed out" original oil/canvas, 2019, 50x50cm, chunky black wooden frame £450

Man drinking wine quirky painting

"One more glass that makes you seeing double and feeling single" SOLD

artdeco,music,original art,1920s

"Nothing to do and all day to do it" artdeco inspired, app 35x40cm,oil/canvas,£390

artdeco lady, original painting

"Somewhere, beyond the sea" Original,oil/canvas,2018, large wide distressed finish wooden frame, app 70x45cm, £890

Whimsical humorous original artwork

"Why do they always say, The world is your oyster??" SOLD


"Av8r" SOLD

quirky humorous paintings online

"May the best man win" Reflecting on the competitiveness of human nature..Desire to succeed and to win is a driving force behind all actions, sometimes resulting in achieving seemingly impossible (in this case lightheartedly represented by these guys' gravity defying antics). 50x50cm, oil/canvas,£1690

Do the EVER grow up?

"Tom, age 12" SOLD

Artdeco nude artwork

Always wearing my invisible crown SOLD

Quirky humorous original painting

"Its not the size that matters". Alternative title-"Saving fish from drowning" 45x40cm,oil/canvas, £490 Available as limited edition (20) giclée prints £59

love and romance artdeco painting

"Be my better half" original oil on stretched canvas, April 2017, £450 (unframed)

art deco figurative artwork painting

Nothing to do and all day to do it original oil/canvas, app60x60cm, black wide wooden frame, £550

Casino pin-up original art painting

"Nobody ever seems to remember that life is a game we play"-Original oil on canvas, professionally framed-black wide handmade wooden frame,2017, 45x45cm, £590

Original painting, Elena Kourenkova

"Life is not about having fun" SOLD

art deco artwork painting woman

"Morning rush hour" SOLD

Quirky humorous figurative painting

"Some like it hot, some like it wet" original oil on canvas, wide handmade wooden frame, app 50x60cm, £550

vintage 1950s diner

"Sweet sixteen" wide wooden handmade frame, 65x65cm, £690

abstract,colourful,original artwork

"Peculiar case of getting nowhere" SOLD

1950s car,vintage pin-up,tattoo

"Jill needs Jack (or does she really)?"-framed 55x55cm, oil on canvas, £590

tasteful nude, naked lady art

"I had the radio on.." oil/canvas, white frame, Sept 2016, 35x40cm £475

quirky whimsical humorous artwork

"Keeping Up Appearances" SOLD

limited edition prints from artist

"Ironing bored" SOLD Available as limited edition (100) giclee prints and greeting cards

1950s diner,rock-n-roll,milkshake

"And I will always love you" SOLD

abstract nude,orange,small painting


men at cards,gambling,pocker

"No cheating" featured at Mayfair gallery, London, original oil/canvas, framed, app 55x55cm, £1390

original painting

I feel a sin coming soon SOLD

art deco painting

"Power Games", SOLD Signed limited edition (50) giclee prints available

oil painting-nude


art deco original oil painting

"Getting finer every day" original oil/canvas art deco style painting, May 2016, image 35x35cm app, £650

art nuveau artdeco painting

"Someone has to set a bad example" SOLD

quirky humorous original art uk

"What women want-Sex? Money?? Chocolate???" original oil/canvas, 65x50cm, £650

casino, pin-up image,tattoo,

"Nobody ever seems to remember that life is a game we play" framed 55x 45 cm, oil on canvas £550

Quirky humorous art image

And now I become invisible... SOLD Limited signed Giclee prints available

quirky elena kourenkova painting

"Last shirt reluctantly offered" July 2016, framed, 66x40 cm, oil on canvas, £450

whimsical humorous art-woman driver

"Mirror,signal,maneuvre?" an earlier work, framed, app 60cm x 60cm, oil on canvas, £690

gamblers,pocker,men playing cards

"I who holds ALL the Aces" framed 60x60cm, oil on canvas, £990

art deco 1920s lady portrait

2017, image size app 15x15cm, framed-SOLD