midcentury 1950s illustration dancing woman with cat painting

"All dressed up and no-where to go"-original oil/canvas, 75x60cm, grey wooden midcentury style frame, £1690

midcentury music couple saxman/piano painting

"I'm your hoochie coochie man"-original oil/canvas, original midcentury frame,70x50cm, £1290

mid century modern music painting

"Women and cats will do as the damn well please"-original oil/canvas, jan 2020, 60x50cm , £1290

midcentury humorous painting

"Right attitude to rain" (alternative title: "Why does it always rain on me?")-original oil/canvas, dec 2019, 50x35cm, original midcentury bamboo-style frame, £690

midcentury modern cat painting

"You calling this "ART"?"-original oil/canvas, nov 2019, 35x30cm,£290

mid-century modern atomic painting

"Half-way to paradise" feb 2019, professionally framed, midcentury style grey wooden frameapp size 75x60cm, £1390

abstract midcentury illstration music painting

"Anything goes"-original oil/canvas, may 2019,60x50cm, grey wooden midcentury style frame, £1190

micentury illustration lady with martini painting

"Someone has to set a bad example"-original oil/canvas, may 2019, 35x25cm, original vintage chunky dark brown frame, £495

cowboy/cactus painting

"As handsome does"-original oil/canvas, may 2019, 45x45cm, white wash chunky wooden frame, £495

midcentury 1950s painting

"300 channels of mind control" (II)-original oil/canvas, dec 2019, 50x35cm, original midcentury frame, £575

abstract midcentury music painting

"A cat crept in"-original oil/canvas, dec 2019, 65x65cm, £1290

abstract midcentury music/cat/saxophone painting

original oil/canvas, dec 2019, 60x50cm, original midcentury bamboo style frame, £1190

midcentury moderns whimsical cat painting

"Fish-tails!"-original oil/canvas, june 2019, one off midcentury style wire frame, 35x35cm £350

midcentury cats painting

"Between you, me, and a palm tree"-original oil/canvas, april 2019,midcentury style frame, 35x25cm, £295

midcentury couple painting

"If I can dream"-original oil/canvas, SOLD

midcentury illustration woman with cat painting

"Watching you watching me"-original oil/canvas, sept 2019, 50x50 cm, chunky black wooden frame, £590

midcentury atomic cats painting

"Fish-tails!"-original oil/canvas, june 2019, one-off midcentury style wire frame, 35x35cm, £350

long neck cat image

"Plenty of fish"-original oil/canvas, 2019, SOLD

midcentury modern cat image

"And sometimes I pretend I am not looking"-original oil/canvas, jan 2020, 30x30 cm, £150

abstract music instruments painting

"Plucking and puffing"-original oil/canvas, dec 2019, mounted, unframed, 25x30cm,£150

1950s midcentury cat couple painting

"What's up, pussycat?"-original oil/canvas, may 2019, 70x50cm, grey wooden midcentury style frame, £1390

illustration style minimalist music painting

"A note to self"-original oil/canvas, sept 2019, midcentury style bamboo imitation frame, 45x45cm, £550

midcentury whimsical cats painting

"Ain't misbehaving"-original oil/canvas, may 2019, 40x35cm, grey wooden midcentury-style frame, £350

1950s style midcentury painting

"Oops, I've spent grocery money on shoes again"-original oil/canvas, created with palette knife, 75x60cm, £890

whimsical midcentury long necked cats painting

"Watching the paint dry"-original oil/canvas, may 2019, midcentury style frame, 35x25cm, £295

midcentury 1950s atomic age painting

"It's always 50s o'clock somewhere"-original oil/canvas, nov 2019,55x45cm, original midcentury frame, £590

mid century modern saxophone/piano image

"Never no more (Will I be blue again"-original oil/canvas, jan 2020, 40x50cm, chunky black wooden frame, £690

"Ain't misbehaving" midcentury cats

larger image , see framed image before

whimsical midcentury cats

"Plenty of fish"-original oil/canvas, SOLD

midcentury illustration woman with cat painting


flirty art midcentury modern prints

"Remind me again, why do I need a man?" Feb 2019, app size 50x50cm, chunky midcentury style mirror frame, £1290

mid-century 1950s style original art

"She may not leave"-original oil/canvas, 2019, app 100x100cm, £1290

fun colourful original 1950s art

"How can I be expected to do the housework if I had been shopping all day?!" Feb 2019, app size 60x40cm, £1190

midcentury modern original artwork

"Not a shade of grey today", original oil/canvas, 2019, app 75x75cm, £590

midcentury illustration original art

"And not a shade of grey today!" original oil/canvas, Feb 2019, app size 50x60cm £490

midcentury modern wall art

"A little less conversation" Feb 2019, professionally framed, midcentury style grey wooden frame,app size 50x50cm, £990

vintage 1950s artist painting

" A cat crept in" Feb 2019, app size 100x70cm, £990