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Some years ago I became heavily involved into 40s-50s music/dance scene, which, invevitably, had influenced my work. Style changed with the new lifestyle shift to Art Deco and Mid Century, Minimalist approach and laconic stylised shapes of the atomic Age, in turn, had incorporated some cubist influence with dissected overlapping yet un-obstructive way the subjects interract with their surroundings

quirky humorous abstract artwork

"Still Hot. Only It Come In Flushes", April 2023. 50x60cm app, black wooden frame. Subject is self-explanatory, really. £595

midcentury 50s style artwork with long neck cat

"Tick-Tock..Days Of Our Lives"-February 2023, app 35x45cm, white vintage midcentury frame. Tick-Tock says the clock. Tick-Tock time flies. We do this, we do that, door opens and door closes. People come and go.We search for answers. There are none. And nothing to be done about it. Waiting for Godot. Only cats seem to know the answer. The sleep all day. Because nothing to be done. £495

lady with martini original artwork

"Someone Has To Set A Bad Example"-January 2023, app 35x25cm

abstract floral painting tulips

"Fanciful Florals" (tulips),january 2023, 40x50cm, unframed stretched canvas £395

abstract colourful midcentury  painting

"the Morning After The Night Before"-April 2023, vintage one-off bamboo frame, app 70x50cm £690

music jazz painting piano orchestra

"Drum-Boogie". May 2023. 60x50cm, £750

abstract sunburst seascape painitng

"Just The Two Of Us"-April 2023, 50x45cm, £450

music theme painting of a couple

"I'm Your Hoochie-Coochie Man"-II, June 2022, 60x70cm £890

midcentury style atomic long neck cat painting

"Waiting For Godot"-april 2023, app 405x35cm, £450

quirky humorous painting of a birthday lady (50)

"And now I become INVISIBLE", april 2023, 50x40cm £450

painting of a saxophone player

"A Note To Self"-April 2023, app 45x30cm £450

minimalist style painting lady with cat

"Remind Me Again, Why Do I Need A Man?"-II, Dec 2021 original oil/canvas, 60x70cm, black wooden frame £890

midcentury abstract music double base saxophone piano

"Drum-Boogie"-May 2022 original oil/canvas, black wooden frame, 70x60cm £890

abstract food and drink still life

"The Night Before The Morning After"-2022 original oil/canvas, white wooden frame, app 70x60cm £890

abstract midcentury design

"Abstract Triptych" SOLD

midcentury abstract still life illustration

""The Night Before The Morning After"-2021 SOLD

midcentury abstract dining scene

"The Night Before The Morning After"-2022 original oil/canvas, white wooden frame, app 60x70 cm £790

midcentury illustration elegant lady in red,egg chair

"Remind Me Again, Why Do I Need A Man??"-2022 original oil/canvas, black wooden frame, app 50x50cm £550

midcentury 1950s illustration dancing woman with cat painting

"All Dolled Up And No-Where To Go"- 2019, original oil/canvas, 75x60cm, grey wooden midcentury style frame, £1190

midcentury music couple saxman/piano painting

"I'm Your Hoochy-Coochie Man"-2020, original oil/canvas, original midcentury bamboo style frame,70x50cm, £990

quirky stripey "where is wally" cat-gift for a cat lover

"So Much To Do, So Little Time"-2021 original oil/slate plaque, app 25x30cm £125

mid century modern music painting

"Women And Cats Will Do As They Damn Well Please"-Jan 2020 original oil/canvas, 60x50cm , £990

midcentury humorous painting

"Right Attitude To Rain" Dec 2019 original oil/canvas, 50x35cm, original midcentury bamboo frame, £490

mid-century modern atomic painting

"Me And My Baby Going Cruising"-Feb 2019 SOLD

abstract midcentury illstration music painting

"Anything Goes"-May 2019 original oil/canvas, 60x50cm, grey wooden midcentury style frame, £990

micentury illustration lady with martini painting


cowboy/cactus painting

"As Handsome Does"- 2019, original oil/canvas, white wash wooden frame, app 40x40cm, £349

midcentury 1950s painting

"300 Channels Of Mind Control" (II)-Dec 2019 original oil/canvas, 50x35cm, original midcentury frame, £475

abstract midcentury music/cat/saxophone painting

"I Like To Party. And By "Party" I Mean,"Read Books"-Dec 2019 original oil/canvas, 60x50cm, original midcentury bamboo frame, £990

midcentury moderns whimsical cat painting

"Fish-Tails!"-June 2019 original oil/canvas, one-off midcentury style wire frame, 35x35cm £295

midcentury cats painting

"Between You, Me, And A Palm Tree"-April 2019 SOLD

midcentury couple painting

"If I can dream" SOLD

midcentury illustration woman with cat painting

"Watching You Watching Me"-Sept 2019 original oil/canvas,50x50 cm, chunky black wooden frame, £495

abstract midcentury music painting

"A Cat Crept In"-Dec 2019 original oil/canvas, 65x65cm, £1190

abstract music instruments painting

"Plucking And Puffing"-Dec 2019 SOLD

1950s midcentury cat couple painting

"What's Up, Pussycat?"-May 2019 original oil/canvas, , 70x50cm, grey wooden midcentury style frame, £1190

illustration style minimalist music painting

"A note to self"-Sept 2019 £550-SOLD

midcentury illustration woman with cat painting

"Watching you watching me " SOLD

flirty art midcentury modern prints

"Remind Me Again, Why Do I Need a Man?" Feb 2019, app size 50x50cm, chunky midcentury style mirror frame, £495

fun colourful original 1950s art

"How can I be expected to do the housework if I had been shopping all day?!" Feb 2019, app size 60x40cm, chunky white wash one-off wooden frame £790

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