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whimsical humorous original painting
1950s pin-up painting, vintage car
Lady in red dress canvas painting
painting of card players/poker
Art deco canvas art painting
whimsical seaside romance painting
whimsical caricature humorous painti
girl in red whimsical painting
art nuveau canvas painting

I have never seen paintings with so much life and colour in them.I know nothing about paintings and drawings-but these are exceptional and I am so drawn to them-I couldnt pick a are a super talented girl, Elena-and very modest with it.

Helen Tenant

Glasgow, Scotland

Hi, Elena, Just received my painting and I am thrilled with the result-the detail and colours are great, and the characters make me smile as I wander what they are talking about. Thanks for all your work and help getting to the final result. I look forward to enjoying it for many years. Good luck and I wish you lots more success in the future

P. Bramich

Manchester, UK

Hi, Elena, we came across your work and absolutely love what you are doing-your work is elevated, unique and creative. We are currently working with well-known designers and artists and wanted to see if you would be interested in a design collaboration with us..

VIDA&CO Team Creativity

San Fransisco, USA

Elena, your work is totally inspiring and so unique..the colours and the shapes are so beautiful,I love it!

Chilel S

London, UK

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