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cat lovers gift idea humorous cat painting

"So Much To Do, So Little Time", 2020 oil on slate plaque, ready to hang app 30x20cm £140

cat lovers gift idea humorous cat painting

Limited edition of 4 (all shown) "Where Is Wally The Cat", 3 SOLD last one remaining-oil on slate. £125. Ideal gift

whimsical cat oil painting-gift idea

"I'm A Butcher's Cat. I'm A Lucky Dog", November 2018 SOLD

humorous painting lady with dog blown by the wind

"Gone With The Wind" SOLD

quirky painting of a man with a disobedient dog

"A Man With A Disobedient Schnauzer", 2022 50x50cm, oil/stretched canvas, black frame £450

humorous painting of lady with cat

"I'm Not The One To Talk, BUT.." oil/canvas, black frame, app 60x40cm, £590

humorous artwork-man with dog

"The Bad And The Ugly" £990-SOLD

quirky animal oil painting-flying pig

"Butterflying Pig", circa 2008 SOLD

man with a dog painting

"Stood up.." SOLD

humorous quirky pet portrait

"Last Dog Standing" circa 2010 SOLD

quirky painting of pets dogs

"Not Grumpy, Just Born This Way", circa 2011 SOLD

pet paintings -dogs-dashhound

"Sausage dog", circa 2009 SOLD

quirky painting of pet dog

"Saw It, Wanted It, Threw A Fit, Got It" black chunky frame, app 45cm x 45cm £450

pet commission portraits painting

Commissioned painting from San Francisco

quirky humorous cat image

"Leonardo De Cat" SOLD

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