Most of works shown here are sold, they dont tend to hang around for long and usually sell at first showing. If you like this theme, please contact. I have done several commissions loosely based on specific place. All these paintings are done in acrylics using palette knife to achieve chunky structure, followed by several layers of washes to build-up shapes/highlights/depth. 

abstract architercural painting

"A bird's eye view of down below"

quirky buildings original painting

All is not what it seems-2017, original acrylic on canvas, framed, app size 58x58cm, £890-SOLD

quirky abstract seaside painting of

original ,December 2018, 65x65cm, £1390

quirky twisted buidings painting

"All is not what it seems"-latest, original oil/canvas, black wide handmade wooden frame, 50x50cm app, £890

quirky houses with boats

Anyplace, Anywhere-original acrylic on canvas, framed, app size 45x45cm, £690-SOLD

colourful abstract cityscape

original ,nov 2018, 65x65cm, £1490

Elena Kourenkova painting

"Anyplace, Anywhere"2015,acrylic/canvas,60x60cm,£990

elena kourenkova twisted buildings

acrylic/canvas,2015,60x60cn, £990

anyplace, anywhere-15

circa 2012,sold

Quirky abstract seascape cityscape

"United front"-original acrylic on canvas. First shown at Glasgow Art Fair 2017, size app 70x70cm, £1490

all is not what it seems-1

2015, app 60x60cm, £890

Elena Kourenkova buildings painting

"All is not what it seems"2015,acrylic/canvas,45x45cm,£890

anyplace, anywhere-15

circa 2008-sold, published as signed limited edition (295) prints, available from artist, £95


circa 2007,sold

elena kourenkova buildings painting

All is not what it seems, acrylic/canvas,2015,45x45cm, £890

elena kourenkova buildings painting

2015, SOLD

all is not what it seems-5

2015, latest, available

anyplace,anywhere 8

circa 2013,sold

all is not what it seems-6


elena kourenkova houses painting

anyplace, anywhere-circa 2007,sold

elena kourenkova quirky seascapes

all is not what it seems- 2015, sold

anyplace,anywhere 12



circa 2014,sold



anyplace, anywhere-7

circa 2010,sold

anyplace, anywhere-1

circa 2008, sold