man with saxophone art painting

"Jazz me blues"- featured on BBC 2019 drama "Guilt" original oil/canvas, app 45x30cm, £890

woman with saxophone piano painting

"Never no more (will I be blue again"-original oil/canvas, feb2020,50x50cm, chunky black wooden frame, £590

vintage 1950s dance couple

"You make my pants want to get up and dance"-2018, original oil/canvas, app 60x50cm, £890

jazz rock-n-roll dance image

"You make my pants want to get up and dance"-original oil /canvas,2018,app 60x60cm , £990

Humorous art-dance and music

"Highland Rebel" 2017, app 25x25cm, framed, £690

swing jazz band saxophone image

"I'm your hoochie-coochie man", original oil/canvas, 2018,SOLD

gift of art Art deco dance painting

"Charleston" oil/canvas,framed, SOLD, available limited edition of 100 giclee prints £95 & greeting cards with envelopes

abstract music art-saxophone,piano

"All that jazz" original oil /canvas, nov 2018, oil/canvas, app 70x50cm, £990 (one of 4 images bought by BBC for 2019 drama "Guilt")

saxman painting


man playing air guitar painting

"Dad Dancing" made easy- original oil/canvas artwork, December 2018, app 45x40cm, £350

whimsical figurative music artwork

"Some enchanted evening with a man of gentle persuasion", December 2018, oil/canvas, app 55x 55cm, £890

Music art work-a girl with a violin

"Note to self" original oil/canvas, nov 2018, SOLD

1920s dance art image

"Best foot forward" 2017, app 35x35cm, framed, £390

original music theme painting

"In tune" SOLD

music in art, figurative artwork

"Rhythm and Blues"-framed original oil/canvas, January 2016,SOLD (one of 4 images bought by BBC for 2019 drama "Guilt")

Art Deco 1920s dance art

"Man does not live by champagne alone", May 2016, framed original oil/canvas, image size 45x35 cm, £490

piano violin saxophone painting

"In perfect harmony" oil on canvas, July 2016, framed,SOLD (one of 4 images bought by BBC for 2019 drama "Guilt" -showing but wrong way up :) )

gift of a painting

"Plucking and Puffing"-SOLD

humorous ballet dance painting

"Movers and shakers", 2014, app 50x65cm, oil on canvas, £890

saxophone player humorous painting

"Summertime blues" saxophone, 2015,private commission

retro jazz band painting

"All that jazz" , 2015, oil/canvas, SOLD

swing dance and music painting

"You make my pants want to get up and dance" 50cmx45cm app, oil on canvas, £590

humorous art painting

"A domestic song and a dance" 2015, 60x60cm app, oil on canvas, £990

rock-n-roll music pin-up painting

"Rock-n-roll rocks my soul" 2014, 50x45cm app, oil on canvas, £790

romantic artwork,dance, passion

2015, sold

vintage pin-up music rock-n-roll

"Nobody ever seems to remember that life is a game we play", 2014 app 60x60cm, oil on canvas, £1090

quirky dance and music painting

"Love Me Tender" 2008, oil on canvas, 120cmx65cm app, £1290

humorous dance painting

"Just like winning the lottery-not everyone will be happy"..oil/canvas, 2015,professionally framed, size app 45x40cm,£590

retro dance wall art, gatsby

"Porgy and Bess" 2015, 55x45 cm app, oil on canvas, £290-mounted, unframed

humorous music art painting

"And Nightingale sung" 2015, 55x45cm app, oil/canvas, professionally framed, wide black wooden frame, handmade,handpainted,glass.£690

Elena Kourenkova painting

Dreamboats and petticoats-sold