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Study, fragment of Tamara de Lempicka' Autoportrait in green Bugatti, 1925


Art Deco Style conceptual original artwork

"Battle of the Sexes", 2023 Large (app 90x90 cm) original oil/canvas, cream wooden frame. to be first shown at the Reveal Art Fair, Glasgow, SECC 19-21st May 23. Blurb: Laconic style. No fuss. Lack of details. Not necessarily loaded with hidden context, and definitely not leaning towards any conclusion. Just an unbiased hint at the perpetual battle of sexes. To which we can all relate to , in our own individual ways. Especially if one is a cat £1490

Study, fragment of Tamara De Lempicka's St Moritz, 1929


Study of Tamara de Lempicka


Large original artwork lady in red hat

"I'm not afraid of losing people. I'm afraid of losing myself trying to please everyone" oil/canvas, April 2023 Black wide wooden frame. App 1mx1m £1490

Art Deco/Industrial Age style cityscape

"The Dawn Of The Machine Age"-IV, 2023, 60x50cm. last one of the theme, at least for a while. £990

Original painting Art Deco style, lady in kimono

"Dear Past-Thank You For The Lessons. Dear Future-I Am READY" large oil/canvas,one-off wooden frame. App 100x60cm. The art of letting go. She's had her trials. Many tried to break her. She stood her ground. She hurts inside but she is at peace with her consciousness. Nothing else matters. £1390

Artdeco style original painting of a couple in top hat and formal dress

"Battle Of The Sexes"-II, April '23. Smaller version of the original above, app 60x60cm, black&gold wood frame.The symbolism: everything in life is a game of power. Whose will and persuasion wins, even in mundane situations. Some are more gentle and flexible in their approach (the wave),for others its all black&white and non-negotiable ("teeth" at the side).The subject might be all dressed up formal and fancy,but its same old game underneath-pure and simple as white background. £890

vintage art deco couple with car travel poster

"Till We Meet Again", 2022 oil/canvas, 70x60cm, framed £995

Art Deco/ Industrial Age style oil/canvas

"The Dawn Of The Machine Age"-III. 60x50cm, wide black wooden frame. 2023. A variation of the theme, there will be one more of these (shown next) and that's the end of this subject. £890

artdeco elegant couple with car

"My Toy", 2020 oil/canvas, app 70x40cm, black frame, glass. £890, giclee prints available

art deco boat and car artwork original painting

"The Dawn Of The Machine Age", 2022 70x60cm, oil/canvas, framed £995

artdeco painting of a lady with roses

"Paint A Rose On A Garden Wall", 2021 original oil/canvas, cream frame, app 40x50cm £450, giclee prints available

vintage lady drinking coffee artwork

"I Love NOT Camping", 2022, oil/canvas, 50x50cm app £495

sunburst artdeco lady in a hat

"But Lady..I LIKE Being A Frog!", 2021 oil/canvas, app 40x50cm, cream frame, mount, glass £450, giclee prints available

large art deco abstract artwork

A special commission. This is a drawing on a roller blind that is pulled over the TV (framed in artdeco style frame) when not in use. Rather ingenious idea, as TV, however high-tech, is not the most attractive element of the decor, especially not the Art Deco.

art deco industrial style painting boat and buildings

"The Dawn Of The Machine Age"(2), 2022 oil/canvas, black frame, glass. 55x55cm £690

humorous art deco vintage couple painting

"Life Is not About Having Fun" oil/canvas, 50x40cm, off-white frame £550

artdeco aviation art lady pilot

"AV8R", 2019 SOLD

vintage travel poster art deco painting

"Till We Meet Again"-II, 2022, 70x60cm, oil/canvas £890

art deco lady in red bathing suit

"Always wearing My Invisible Crown", 2020 oil/canvas, 60x50cm, black frame, glass £690

art deco elegant couple with a limousin

"Never Too Rich Or Too Thin", 2019 SOLD in aid of Beatson Charity

art deco sailor lady painting

"Golden Cage As Still A Cage for A Free Spirit" oil/canvas, app 80x40cm, very heavy one-off distressed look cream frame £990

artdeco lady with martini, sunburst, art nouveau scrolls

""High Maintenance" Does Not Begin To Cover It.." SOLD Limited Edition (50) Giclee Prints available

art deco flappers dancers painting

"1926"-SOLD limited edition (50) giclee prints available

artdeco travel poster style artwork by elena kourenkova

"Doris Meets Roger", 2019 oil/canvas, app 50x40cm, one-off distressed white vintage frame £690

sunburst sailor girl in red hat artdeco painting by elena kourenkovag

"For The Love Of Sunshine", 2020 oil/canvas, app 40x50cm, cream frame £450, giclee prints available

nude artdeco lady original artwork

"Always Wearing My Invisible Crown", 2018 SOLD

art deco painting lady with mirror

"Getting Finer Every Day", circa 2017 oil/canvas, app 40x50cm, black frame £395

rogano theme artdeco painting of a stylish couple

"Rogano" This was one of the two commissioned paintings based on customer's personal mementos. Rogano's Italian restaurant, Glasgow

art deco lady painting by elena kourenkova

"Like No Other", 2022 SOLD

Stylish art deco couple painting

"Power Games"-SOLD Limited Edition (50) Giclee prints available

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