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Born in Russia, some time ago (too late for the classy 50s (sight), also too late for the psychedelic flower power (thankfully), but came of age for the big shoulderpads and big hair (not my first choice,but I did it).  

       Graduated as an Architect. Worked as such in Moscow for several years before moving to Glasgow, UK, in 1996. Gained a wealth of experience and understanding of new culture during my employment at the Royal Bank of Scotland, then as a manager at Austin Reed department in House of Frasers. It is thanks to the store’s manageress who gave me a chance and put me onto my first Charity show in aid of Age Concern in 1999 that it all begun.

       On the wings of euphoria after the sell-out at that charity event, ominously called Serendipity, I made a rather unorthodox decision to give up the security of full time job with a certain pension promise to become a self-employed artist with uncertain prospects mostly based on hopes and dreams. I didn’t know anything or anyone, just wanted to see what I am made of. I approached only one gallery myself, and after another quick sell out, to my surprise, invitations poured in from galleries and charity shows across Scotland, then London and even Isle of Wight.

       Exhibited at the Royal Glasgow Institute, Paisley Art Institute and Aspect Prize etc. Represented by established galleries in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Ireland, York etc. Works are in private and corporate collections throughout the UK, Australia, Russia, USA, Italy, Canada, Greece, Germany, Spain, Sweden.

       Articles in local and national press concerning my work and images had appeared on TV’s Grand Designs.

       In 2019 few of my works had been bought by BBC to be featured in drama “Guilt”.

More works are to be featured in another drama (still to be released, hence the secrecy).

artist's statement



Selected galleries and exhibitions:
Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art

RGI Kelly gallery
Paisley Art Institute and Aspect Prize
Home and Interiors Exhibitions, SECC Glasgow

Affordable Art Fairs London,Battersea,Oxford,Glasgow (GAF), Chelsea, Birmingham, Aberdeen

First Contemporary Art Fairs Edinburgh
Karen Tailor Contemporary Fine Art, Twickenham, London

Colomb Art Gallery, Marylebone, London
Enid Lawson Gallery, London

Off The Wall Gallery, Cardiff

Regent Gallery, Somerset, Weston-super-Mare

Rowan Gallery, Drymen, Loch Lomond and Helensburh

Christo's Gallery, Glasgow
Arteries Gallery, Glasgow

ArtForum Gallery, Milngavie, Glasgow

The Annan Gallery, Glasgow, West End

McGregor Fine Art, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Glasgow

The Sun Gallery, Newburgh,Fife
Hanover Fine Art, Edinburgh

Westminster Gallery, London

Laurel Gallery, Edinburgh

Gallery Luti, Callander

Tolquhon gallery, by Tarves, Aberdeenshire

The Jerdan Gallery, Crail
Tartan Gallery, Edinburgh

Alpha art, Edinburgh

Dancing Light Gallery, West Linton

Fotheringham Gallery, Bridge of Allan

Devorgilla Gallery, Dumfries

Tony Higgins Haig Gallery , Kelso

The Storm Studies Gallery, Moffat

High Street Gallery, Kirkudbright

Frameworks Gallery, Troon
Macmillans Cancer Relief Charity Exhibition, Glasgow and Edinburgh
Hancel Foundation Art Auctions

Retail Trust Charity Exhibition, Glasgow
Marie Curie Cancer Relief Charity Auction
The Preshal Trust Charity Auction
Children's First Charity Auction

University of Glasgow CHAS and Cancer research Charity Exhibition and Auction

Auction Sale in Aid of Yorkhill Childrens' Hospital

Castle Gallery, Inverness

Sable&Ox gallery,York
Frames Gallery, Artesan Gallery, Perth, and Perth Festival
Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
Tracey McNee Fine Art, Glasgow
The Queens Road Gallery, Aberdeen
e-gallery, Bearsden,
Spring Art Fair, Sweden


   Most things are not what they seem, it is all in the details.

   My focus is on life as we see it but don't always notice.

   We busy ourselves with everyday tasks-tedious/important/unimportant/necessary/ pointless/seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time type, that require our attention whether we like it or not.      Somewhere in the process we neglect to notice small little casual things that make mundane unique and give colour and joy to “plodding on”. In my work I focus on those ordinary extraordinary details to bring positivity, joy and colour to your day. I take a situation, add my take on it-from the “outside looking in”, bystander’s perspective-exaggerate somewhat, add an unexpected detail or a title to emphasise the point, colour to aid the positive message-and it’s done!

In September 2022 I was Invited to exhibit at the Chillingham Castle in Northumberland, famed for being the most haunted in the UK, with over 100 ghostly inhabitants. This was by far the most memorable experience in stunning surroundings of the 13th century medieval previous monastery. It was a great privilege to to be invited for tea with Lady Wakefield and Sir Humphry, and now to have my painting in their collection. I'm extremely grateful for their warm welcome and would highly recommend the Chillingham castle experience to all.

My subjects are not looking inside themselves, but are reaching out to the viewer-by being quite agreeable subjects for us to observe and interpret in ways we find fit-perception is always as individual as we are. They are what they are-quirky, classy, stylish, eccentric, colourful. They just go about their business as if no-one is looking. They are happy.  And even if they seem the opposite- look closely, notice the details.  It is not just about some characters going about their business.. There could be a message that might brighten your day.

        I am not interested in creating just "something" in the frame. Pay attention, be in the moment, think-and smile. And hopefully, you will walk on the sunny side of the street from there!

        Situations and people can be important. But the important thing is to be happy and not to be important.


First- a detailed drawing. Without trying to sound mysterious, I don’t know how and where the ideas come from. It might be a combination of observation, memory and unrelated details, but it is always something I can relate to. I never have a clear plan of what I am going to do. There could be a vague notion of something semi-specific, but the end result will inevitably be quite far removed from the initial thought. I have several very different styles-quirky architectural, humorous, conceptual, midcentury, artdeco and latest addition-florals. Change of style/theme works to avoid going stale –or worse-confined to same used to death theme of samey-samey variations of same samey thing. I get bored and lose inspiration working one theme too much, so I  switch onto something of different style or technique for the next work. In same way,

        Composition and colour are the most important elements in my work. Colour creates an atmosphere of happiness. Composition is for harmony and balance. Everything else comes from the feeling.

         I concider myself to be mostly self taught, although I studied arts and history of arts as part of my degree. Emphasis was on classic drawing studies, but painting was somewhat of a secondary importance. It was also all about watercolours and tempera.  I learnt to understand these mediums but not to love them. I preferred drawing and drafting. Years later I discovered oils-with their completely different technique to what I was taught about watercolours and tempera, but love at first brushstroke nevertheless, I learnt “on the job”.

         I never emulate anyone else’s style. If it didn’t come from within, it has no meaning and no feeling for me. To quote,

       “An Artist must paint what he feels and feel what he paints”. This is something that can’t be taught, but is inborn.   

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