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art deco boat and car artwork original painting

"The Dawn Of The Machine Age", 2022 70x60cm, oil/canvas, framed £1190

vintage art deco couple with car travel poster

"Till We Meet Again", 2022 oil/canvas, 70x60cm, framed £1190

vintage travel poster art deco painting

"Till We Meet Again", 2022, 70x60cm, oil/canvas £1190

Stylish art deco couple painting

"Power Games"-SOLD Limited Edition (50) Giclee prints available

art deco industrial style painting boat and buildings

"The Dawn Of The Machine Age"(2), 2022 oil/canvas, black frame, glass. 55x55cm £690

art deco elegant couple with a limousin

"Never Too Rich Or Too Thin", 2019 oil/canvas, 70x60cm, black frame, £890

humorous art deco vintage couple painting

"Life Is not About Having Fun" oil/canvas, 50x40cm, off-white frame £550

art deco lady in red bathing suit

"Always wearing My Invisible Crown", 2020 oil/canvas, 60x50cm, black frame, glass £690

artdeco painting of a lady with roses

"Paint A Rose On A Garden Wall", 2021 original oil/canvas, cream frame, app 40x50cm £450, giclee prints available

large art deco abstract artwork
art deco sailor lady painting

"I Love Sunshine And Freedom" oil/canvas, app 80x40cm, very heavy one-off distressed look cream frame £690

artdeco lady with martini, sunburst, art nouveau scrolls

""High Maintenance" Does Not Begin To Cover It.." SOLD Limited Edition (50) Giclee Prints available

vintage lady drinking coffee artwork

"I Love NOT Camping", 2022, oil/canvas, 50x50cm app £495

artdeco aviation art lady pilot

"AV8R", 2019 SOLD

art deco flappers dancers painting

"1926"-SOLD limited edition (50) giclee prints available

sunburst artdeco lady in a hat

"But Lady..I LIKE Being A Frog!", 2021 oil/canvas, app 40x50cm, cream frame, mount, glass £450, giclee prints available

artdeco elegant couple with car

"My Toy", 2020 oil/canvas, app 70x40cm, black frame, glass. £890, giclee prints available

artdeco travel poster style artwork by elena kourenkova

"Doris Meets Roger", 2019 oil/canvas, app 50x40cm, one-off distressed white vintage frame £690

sunburst sailor girl in red hat artdeco painting by elena kourenkovag

"For The Love Of Sunshine", 2020 oil/canvas, app 40x50cm, cream frame £450, giclee prints available

nude artdeco lady original artwork

"Always Wearing My Invisible Crown", 2018 SOLD

art deco style lady listening to gramophone

"My Gramophone", circa 2017 oil/canvas, app 40x30cm, black frame. £395

art deco painting lady with mirror

"Getting Finer Every Day", circa 2017 oil/canvas, app 40x50cm, black frame £395

rogano theme artdeco painting of a stylish couple

"Rogano" This was one of the two commissioned paintings based on customer's personal mementos. Rogano's Italian restaurant, Glasgow

art deco elegant couple painting

Private commission, part of the Rogano Theme.

artdeco lady in red bathing suit

Private commission

art deco lady painting by elena kourenkova

"Like No Other", 2022 SOLD

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